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Shidduch Resume

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The Basics: 

Occupation: Vocalist, Songwriter, and Academic administration professional

Education: Bachelor's Degree      Major: Music Business/Management

Started Graduate studies in January, 2015 

Age: 40 (but a VERY young 40… being very serious. Please consider me more like 30)

Status: Never been married, no children.

Ethnicity: Persian Jewish by Mother (who was a Bat Kohein), Irish/English by Father.

Notes: I have a letter confirming Jewish ethnicity signed by an Orthodox rabbi and can provide documentation for 4 maternal generations before me. 

Height: 5’2” (157 cm)                         Body style: Rubenesque    Activity Level: Active

Shabbat Observance: Shomer Shabbat for over a year, still learning a lot

Kashrut Observance: Still working toward this but do eat only dairy/parve out, not totally Kosher at home due to roommates but only eat Kosher foods and don’t mix dairy and meat anywhere.

Focused Jewish Education: Shiurim/Lectures/Study Groups, independent study, classes in Likutei Moharan and Kabbalah, one year of Jewish day school

Affiliation: Traditional/Modern Orthodox. Sephardic

Willing to be Shomer Mikveh: Yes

Willing to keep a Kosher house:  Yes

Hair covering: To be discussed with a prospective partner. However, I strongly do not wish to wear a sheytl.

Seeking: Man aged 28-45 ideally never married. Sephardic minhagim/ethnicity is strongly preferred.